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Wm. H. Reilly & Company is a leading provider of processes, process equipment, piping, valves, controls and components for Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, and Water Reuse and Collection Systems in the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.

We specialize in providing reliable, proven, innovative and life cycle cost-effective solutions for municipal wastewater treatment, municipal water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment and air treatment.

We represent over 35 companies that provide quality process equipment, piping, valves, pumps and controls for these applications. We can assist you with projects being designed or installed in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Northern Idaho.


The Reilly Company is a continuation of the William S. Turner Co. (WST Co.), founded in 1924, which represented manufacturers of industrial and mechanical equipment for the pulp and paper, machine tool and commercial building industries.

In 1932, the first major water and wastewater treatment account, Chicago Pump, was acquired by WST Co. The installation list for this company, which manufactured a broad range of specialized wastewater treatment equipment, is substantial, with installations in virtually every small and large city in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Idaho. Chicago Pump, under WST Co., realized tremendous sales growth in the Pacific Northwest.

In February, 1962, William H. Reilly joined WST Co. and in 1963 purchased the company. Maintaining the Chicago Pump account, The Reilly Company soon added Flomatcher Controls and Komline-Sanderson. Over the years more accounts were added and changes occurred, as reflected on the current line card.

Among the past accounts represented are the BSP division of Envirotech for multiple hearth furnaces and heat treatment systems, now succeeded by U.S. Filter/Zimpro. The Reilly Company has supplied more than 10 large scale systems for these accounts.

Autotrol Corporation was added in 1972. As a manufacturer of rotating biological contactors (RBCs), this has been one of the most successful accounts over the years with more than 40 individual installations supplied to date. Subsequently, Envirex Inc. purchased Autotrol and at that time the entire Envirex product line was transferred to The Reilly Company. In the mid- 1990s US Filter acquired a number of our principals (including Envirex) and The Reilly Company represented most of the US Filter lines for the Pacific Northwest. Siemens Water Technology acquired US Filter in 2004. Most of the original US Filter brands are now part of Evoqua Water.

In 2006, Bill, Jr.; Steve and Mike Reilly purchased The Reilly Company.

The Reilly Company successfully promoted an enclosed composting system developed in Germany called the Taulman/Weiss process. The Reilly Company’s efforts resulted in an $11.4 million compost facility for the city of Portland, handling 40 to 60 tons per day. Completed in the spring of 1984, this plant was the first enclosed compost facility in the U.S. and when built was the largest of its type in the world.

Since then, we have supplied numerous large membrane filtration projects to Sunrise Water/NCCWC, Kennewick, Washington; and Albany, Millersburg, and Warrenton, Oregon.

The Reilly Company supplies process equipment, pumps, specialty tanks, instrumentation, specialty covers, and odor control systems from headworks through biological treatment, biosolids treatment, effluent filtration, disinfection and chemical feed for most wastewater applications. In the potable water field, The Reilly Company supplies process equipment, pumps, specialty tanks and intrumentation from headworks through the clear well.

Our top management offers more than 150 years of experience in water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.

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