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Pretreatment includes coarse screening, fine screening, washing and compacting, grit removal, grit washing, and dewatering.

To determine the most effective screening and grit removal technologies, evaluate the downstream processes that are being protected.

CONT-FLO Coarse ScreeningVertical Bar Screens, Multi-Rake Bar Screens and Step Screens for coarse screeningVeolia – John Meunier
ESCALATOR and ROTARC Fine ScreeningPerforated fine screens down to 0.5 mm Veolia – John Meunier
MECTAN Grit RemovalHighly efficient range of vortex grit removal systemsVeolia – John Meunier
Grit Washing and DewateringSAM dewatering screw and grit Washer systemsVeolia – John Meunier

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