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Primary and Peak Excess Flow Treatment

Primary treatment can include conventional clarification as well as high rate and enhanced clarification for the treatment of combined sewer overflow (CSO), sanitary sewer overflow (SSO), and peak excess flows.

ActifloAn ultra high-rate clarification process which combines microsand enhanced flocculation and lamellar settling.Krüger
Mega-SettlerHigh rate inclined plate settler that uses a counter-current flow principle for effective solids removal.JMS
Salsnes FilterIndustry leading, efficient, compact primary solids separation with rotating belt filter technology.Salsnes division of Trojan Technologies
Clarifiers and
Primary Clarifiers
Includes primary and secondary clarifiers, backwash clarifiers, floc clarifiers, solids contact reactors, circular grit basins, gravity thickeners and flotation separators and thickeners.Evoqua/Envirex
Chain and ScraperFits any plant’s requirement for basins in sizes from 1.8m (6ft) wide by 4.6m (15ft) long to 10.7m (35ft) wide by 91m (300ft) long.Evoqua/Envirex
Weirs & Baffles
Fiberglass weirs and baffles for wastewater treatment plants.

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