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Stormwater Treatment

ActifloAn ultra high-rate clarification process which combines microsand enhanced flocculation and lamellar settling.Krüger
Parallel Plate SettlersThe JMS Mega-Settler plate settler minimizes installed and maintenance costs in an efficient, compact, and reliable design.JMS
Coarse & Fine ScreeningVeolia / Meunier screening products line ensures efficient removal of algae, leaves, sand, rocks and other debris and other particles.Veolia / Meunier
Circular Clarifiers
Rectangular Clarifiers
Our Rim-Flo® /Tow-Bro® circular clarifiers set the standard for peripheral feed units. The Envirex® Chain & Scraper rectangular clarifiers utilize state of the art non-metallic chain, sprockets and flights.Evoqua/Envirex
Trojan UV3000PlusThe TrojanUV3000Plus™ features fully Automatic Chemical/Mechanical cleaning (ActiClean™)with high-output, low-pressure lamps.Trojan Technologies
Trojan UVSignaLarge capacity, high output, low pressure UV system with integral chemical/mechanical cleaning.Trojan Technologies

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