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Tertiary Treatment & Reuse

Tertiary treatment may be required for effluent polishing prior to discharge or for water reuse.

To determine an optimal solution for tertiary equipment, consider the following factors: footprint, plant hydraulics, plant availability, desired effluent quality, operational costs and plant flow and loading.

ActifloAn ultra high-rate clarification process which combines microsand enhanced flocculation and lamellar settling.Krüger
Hydrotech DiscfilterA microscreen used for solids removal and product recovery. The disc design is particularly advantageous when a large filter area is needed.Krüger
AWI Phoenix stainless steel underdrain system.The AWI Phoenix stainless steel underdrain system is the lowest profile, most reliable, most efficient, least overall capital cost underdrain system available.AWI
Davco Continuous Backwash Sand FilterUltimate reliability in gravity filtration for tertiary treatmentEvoqua/Davco
Gravisand® Filtration System for Wastewater Effluent PolishingGravisand technology incorporates the principles and advantages of conventional traveling bridge designs but uses improved methods of accomplishing and maintaining filtration and regeneration.Evoqua/Davco
Hydro-Clear FilterPulsed Bed filter that can handle wide load fluctuations.Evoqua/Hydro-Clear
Innovatreat® miniMBRAn advanced, fully integrated, easily serviceable wastewater system for decentralized small flow customers. An efficiency breakthrough in small MBR design for nutrient removal and water reuse.Innovatreat
De Nora Tetra Mono and Multimedia FiltersIndustry leading mono and multimedia filters for suspended solids, precipitated solids and turbidity removal.De Nora
De Nora Tetra Biological FiltrationOne step suspended solids removal and biological oxidation of organic compounds, nitrification and denitrification.De Nora
De Nora Tetra ABF Advanced Biological FilterAdvanced Biological Filtration for enhanced organic removal and suspended solids removalDe Nora

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