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Transport, Drying & Beneficial Reuse

Different biosolids disposal options may require drying, transport, conveying and truck-loading equipment options.

Conveying & Hopper SystemsA wide variety of conventional hopper and conveying systems.Jim Myers & Sons
Conveying and Hopper SystemsCircular bins and conveying systems utilizing the Hindon Roplex discharger and MSE watertight gates.RDP Technologies
BioCon DryerThe BioCon belt dryer provides safe, simple and efficient biosolids drying & energy recovery.Kruger
BioCon Energy Recovery
System (BERS)
Reduces the total output of the plant to 5-10% of the original sludge cake quantity with energy recovery.Krüger
Solar DryerReduces sludge volumes up to 90% and produces class A sludge using solar energy.Veolia
Quick Dry Filtration SystemA proactive method of wastewater treatment, designed to separate solids and liquids.Deskins
RDP-Fenton Fenix DryerSimple, robust biosolids drum dryer.RDP Technologies
EnVessel PasteurizationIn under 30 minutes, sludge is converted to Class A, pathogen free biosolids.RDP Technologies
Lime StabilizationClass B lime stabilization of biosolids.RDP Technologies
Enhanced PasteurizationCombined drying and lime pasteurization for Class A biosolilds.RDP Technologies

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