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Filtration & Membranes

To determine a conventional filtration or membrane filtration solution, consider these factors: raw water characteristics and water quality, footprint, operator experience and preference, financial impact, and desired finished water quality. Another factor to consider is the potential for retrofitting an existing facility.

AqueoUS VetsIndustry leading and most efficient pressurized filtration systems for treatment of organic and inorganic pollutants in potable water, commercial water and industrial water systems. Typical application include PFAS, TCP, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), VOC’s, Hydrocarbons, Perchlorate, Arsenic and Hexavalent Chrome utilizing state of the art ion exchange and activated carbon mediaAqueoUS Vets
AWI Phoenix Underdrain SystemThe AWI Phoenix stainless steel underdrain system is the lowest profile, most reliable, most efficient, least overall capital cost underdrain system available.AWI
Krüger Actiflo processAn ultra high-rate clarification process which combines microsand enhanced flocculation and lamellar settling.Kruger
Davco Continuous Backwash Sand FilterA continuously backwashing, upflow sand filter which provides installation and operating cost savings.Evoqua/Davco
De Nora Tetra Mono and Multimedia FiltrationIndustry proven mono and multimedia filtration for suspended solids, precipitated solids and turbidity removal.De Nora
Multi-stage Slow Sand FiltrationEffectively treats raw water with high turbidity, algae, and color without the use of pre-treatment chemicals or complex filter backwash procedures.MS Filter
Slow Sand Package FilterA biologically active process which provides good removal of dissolved organics and excellent removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidum.MS Filter
Weirs, Troughs & BafflesFiberglass weirs, troughs and baffles for water treatment plantsMFG

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