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If a sedimentation solution is required, consider these factors: raw water characteristics and quality, downstream process, operator preference, and site availability.

Krüger’s Actiflo processAn ultra high-rate clarification process which combines microsand enhanced flocculation and lamellar settling.Kruger
JMS Mega-Settler stainless steel plate settler systemThe JMS Mega-Settler plate settler minimizes installed and maintenance costs in an efficient, compact, and reliable design.Jim Myers & Sons
JMS Mega-Scraper sludge removal systemThe JMS Mega-Scraper is simple, reliable, stainless steel reciprocating scraper sludge removal system.Jim Myers & Sons
JMS Mega-Vac hoseless sludge removal systemThe JMS Mega-Vac is a balanced, efficient hoseless sludge removal system for water treatment plant sedimentation basins.Jim Myers & Sons
Clarifiers and Primary ClarifiersIncludes primary and secondary clarifiers, backwash clarifiers, floc clarifiers, solids contact reactors, circular grit basins, gravity thickeners and flotation separators and thickeners.Evoqua/Envirex
Chain and ScraperFits any plant’s requirement for basins in sizes from 1.8m (6ft) wide by 4.6m (15ft) long to 10.7m (35ft) wide by 91m (300ft) long.Evoqua/Envirex
Weirs & BafflesFiberglass Weirs and Baffles for Water Treatment PlantsMFG

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