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Aberdeen, WA Water Treatment Plant

Aberdeen, WA has the first major drinking water membrane system in Washington.  The system supplied by US Filter/Memcor will consist of eight Continuous Microfiltration Membrane (CMF) units and is designed to treat 6.5 MGD of surface water from their existing reservoir fed by the Wishkah River.  Surface water will flow eleven miles by gravity from the reservoir to the plant, eliminating double pumping and reducing power requirements.  A separate CMF unit will treat the backwash water enabling the plant to achieve approximately 98% production efficiency.

After piloting three different technologies, USF/Memcor was selected as the membrane supplier based on a 20 year present worth analysis of capital and operating costs as well as their full scale experience, and integrity testing inherent to the system.   The company has supplied more than 100 membrane systems for drinking water in the United States including the 15 MGD facility recently started up at Kenosha, WI.

The CMF system meets local and Federal regulations for surface water without the use of process chemicals.  With a proven 6-log removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, the CMF system is fast becoming the leader in the drinking water industry.

Economic and Engineering Services is the design and construction management engineer for the project. The 9 million dollar project capital cost came in under budget and is expected to startup on schedule.

Finally, the extraordinary benefits of Membrane technology are now competitive with conventional treatment systems.

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