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To determine the most advantageous solution for dewatering consider these factors: disposal costs, desired cake concentration, desired consistency of the final product, operator preference, operating costs, and site availability.

Klampress Belt Filter PressContinuously separates liquids and solids through the use of two porous filter belts, allowing gravity dewatering and pressure filtration.Alfa Laval/Ashbrook
Winklepress Belt Filter PressAfter all the tests are in, and the studies complete, the Winklepress® stands alone as the clear winner in high-performance dewatering.Alfa Laval/Ashbrook
Alfa Laval CentrifugeEfficient, reliable, industry leading, state of the art Alfa Laval centrifuges for solids dewatering.Alfa Laval
Quick Dry Filtration SystemA proactive method of wastewater treatment, designed to separate solids and liquids.Deskins

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