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Odor Control

Odor control has become a very integral part of wastewater treatment plants. To determine the most advantageous solution, consider these factors: origination of odors, site constraints, operator preference, operating costs, and discharged air quality.

LO/PRO Odor Control SystemMulti stage LO/PRO Packaged Odor Control System.Evoqua/RJ Environvmental
Biological Odor ScrubbersZabocs biological odor control biofilters and bioscrubbers.Evoqua/RJ Environmental
Midas® Activated Carbon Odor Control SystemsMidas activated carbon combines select active ingredients and premium quality bituminous coal to produce an odor control media for the removal of H2S, HCl, SO2 and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) in activated carbon scrubbers.Evoqua/RJ Environvmental
Airashell Biofiltration Odor Control SystemHighly efficient, cost effective and stable odor control for H2S and high reduced sulfides utilizing a unique, natural shell mediaAnua
Thermair BiofiltAerThe green solution biofilters for odor control.Thermal Process Systems
Bioxide® Process for
Odor Control
A non-hazardous biological process that both removes dissolved hydrogen sulfide and prevents its formation through the addition of nitrate oxygen.Evoqua/Davis
Biological, Activated Carbon and Chemical Odor Control SystemsPackaged, pre-assembled odor control systems.Integrity Municipal Systems
Flat and Dome Aluminum CoversThe preferred choice to cover clarifiers, trickling filters, aeration basins, sludge tanks, equalization basins, grit chambers and wastewater tanks of all shapes and sizes.CST Covers (formerly Temcor/Conservatek)
Fiberglass Ducting and CoversFiberglass ducting and covers for wastewater odor control and containment applications. 

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